About Us

Uganda Uncovered

Uganda Uncovered is a destination promoting enterprise managed by a group of young tourism enthusiasts, aiming at the promotion of Uganda’s tourism both domestically and internationally. It is a youth movement visioned at positioning Uganda as a universally recognised tourism destination, working hard everyday to build the best brands offering captivating experiences that drive long term destination loyalty to promote tourism that impacts communities and fellow youth. Through our different initiatives, we have engaged more than 700 youths in Uganda’s Tourism space


Positioning Uganda as the most compelling destination across the world


Promoting tourism through branding places and destinations to have an everlasting impact on

Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism
Transparency, Excellency, Teamwork, Dedication, Creativity.

Our Passion

Being a destination promoting enterprise, we do quite a number of activities that all lead to one direction that is selling destination Uganda to verily say UGANDA UNCOVERED

Our Team

Who We Are

Allen Irene Namisango

Team Lead

Lyton Namatta

Content Manager

Kawunde Dalton

Digital Marketing Manager

Julius Luwemba

Head of partnerships and media

What we do

Uganda Uncovered Merchandise

We promote Uganda through print. We print tshirts, caps, vests, jumpers, bags and everything that is printable with national colors to see that we spread Uganda’s pride. The word Uganda uncovered simply means that Uganda has been exposed off, one putting on a Uganda Uncovered tshirt means that he or she has some information about the country and they can proudly share it out, this explains the “Ask me about Uganda” tagline behind the tshirt.

Online Tourism Information Centre

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and information dissemination in the digital age, Uganda Uncovered operates a comprehensive Online Tourism Information Centre. This virtual platform serves as a one-stop destination for individuals seeking detailed and up-to-date information about Uganda’s tourism offerings. From travel tips and cultural insights to destination guides and accommodation recommendations, the Information Centre ensures that both local and international audiences have easy access to the wealth of knowledge necessary for planning their Ugandan adventure.

Tourism Walks

Uganda Uncovered conducts tourism walks and trips to new places and those that are less considered tourism destinations despite the beauty they hold. We give authentic information of the findings, attractions, activities and accommodation. The walks we have had like the Makerere University Tourism walk, the Kampala monument walk, and the most recent one last year; the Royal Mile walk which got the Kabaka Anjagala road launched as a tourism attraction, attracted more than 200 guides, tour operators and tourism students.

Content Creation

We also specialize in crafting captivating content tailored for hotels, tour companies, and all facets of the tourism and hospitality sector. With expertise in both written and visual storytelling, we lead   the charge in destination marketing, spotlighting Uganda’s diverse attractions. From showcasing luxurious accommodations to highlighting unique experiences, our mission is to inspire travelers worldwide to explore the beauty and wonders of Uganda. We have readily available content bank from the Travel writing competition and tourism photo exhibition.

Our Partners