Means of Transport

Boda Bodas

Boda bodas, motorcycle taxis, are one of the most popular means of transport in Uganda. They are fast, relatively cheap, and can navigate through the often-congested city traffic. Boda bodas are especially favoured for short trips and are available almost everywhere in urban and rural areas. However, safety can be a concern, so it’s advisable to choose reputable riders and wear helmets.

locally known as Taxis

These Taxis are minibus taxis with blue stripes that operate on set routes within cities and between towns. They are the most common form of public transport and are widely used by locals due to their affordability. Each Taxi/matatu has a conductor who manages fares and helps passengers. While Taxis/matatus are an economical way to travel, they can
be crowded and sometimes uncomfortable.

Taxis and
Ride-Hailing Services

For those preferring a more comfortable and

private mode of transport, regular taxis and ride-hailing apps are a great option. Taxis are available in major towns and cities, and prices can be negotiated. Ride-hailing apps have also gained popularity, offering a more convenient and often safer alternative to traditional taxis and boda bodas.

  • SafeBoda: An app-based service that started with boda bodas, SafeBoda provides trained riders, safety gear, and transparent pricing. It’s a popular choice for those who want a safer and more reliable boda boda experience.

  • Uber: Uber operates in Kampala and a few other major cities, providing a convenient way to book private cars through its app. Uber’s presence has helped standardize fares and improve the quality of service in the local taxi industry.

  • Bolt: Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is another ride-hailing app offering competitive prices and a range of vehicle options.

  • FARAS: A local ride-hailing service that caters to the growing demand for app-based transport solutions. FARAS provides various vehicle options, including cars and boda bodas.

Means of Transport


In smaller towns and rural areas, bicycles are

a common means of transport. They are affordable and provide a convenient way to navigate less congested areas. Bicycle taxis, known as “boda bodas” in some regions, are also available, offering a low-cost transport option.

Hire Taxis

Special hire taxis are a bit different from the regular taxis or ride-hailing services. They are usually found at designated taxi stands and can be hired for specific trips or periods. These
taxis offer more flexibility and privacy compared to matatus and are ideal for longer journeys or group travel.


Renting a car is an option for those who prefer to travel independently and explore Uganda at their own pace. Several car rental companies operate in Uganda, offering a range of vehicles from small cars to 4x4s suitable for safaris and off-road adventures. Having a private car is especially useful for visiting remote areas and national parks.


For long-distance travel between major towns and cities, buses are a popular choice. Companies like Link Bus, Kalita, and Modern Coast provide scheduled services, offering a more comfortable and cost-effective way to travel across the country. Buses vary in terms of comfort and amenities, with some providing air conditioning and onboard entertainment.


While train travel is not as widespread in Uganda as in some other countries, there are limited passenger services available. The Uganda Railways Corporation operates a few routes, primarily focused on cargo transport but with some passenger services. Train travel can be a scenic and leisurely way to see the countryside, although it is not the fastest option.


Given Uganda’s numerous lakes and rivers, ferries play a crucial role in connecting different parts of the country. The ferry service on Lake Victoria, for example, links the mainland to the Ssese Islands, providing a scenic and relaxing mode of transport. Ferries are also used to cross other large water bodies, facilitating trade and travel in regions separated by water.

Navigating Uganda’s Transportation Network

Uganda’s transportation network is diverse,catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. From the ubiquitous boda bodas and matatus to modern ride-hailing services like SafeBoda, Uber, and Bolt, getting around Uganda is accessible and often an adventure. While each mode of transport has its advantages and challenges, the growing availability of ride-hailing apps is improving convenience and safety for travellers. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Kampala, traveling between cities, or venturing into the countryside, Uganda’s transport options ensure you can navigate the Pearl of Africa with ease and flexibility.