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‘                                Uganda’s most ignored beauty : The Mountains

Amidst Uganda’s Beautiful landscapes, an adventure of the mountains awaits  for those who seek to overpower and conquer nature’s highest peaks , embark on an extraordinary journey of hiking and mountaineering with their amazing trails from the mystical challenge of the Rwenzori to iconic peaks of Virunga and the world’s largest caldera at Elgon , set your hike boots and breathe the chill mountain air and let the journey begin.

Unmissable mountaineering sites of Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountains

This natural wonder is found-along the border of Uganda and Congo, the Rwenzori Mountains is the highest Mountain of Uganda also called Mountains of the Moon  covering over 120km in length, width of 65km and 3rd of Africa’s highest mountain, having over 5109m above the sea level. Mountain Rwenzori is a very unique as it is snowcapped throughout the year despite being crossed by the equator, this because Mountain Rwenzori passes the snow line. Mountain Rwenzori has 6 permanently snow caped peaks which include

  • Mt Luigi di Savora of 4537m
  • Mt Gessi which is at the height of 4715m
  • Mt Baker which is at a height of 4844 m
  • Mt  Speke at a height of 4890 m
  • Mt Stanley  which is at the height of 5,109m

Approximately 70% of the Mountain Rwenzori national park is above 2500m above the sea level.

Mountain Rwenzori is the prime destination for one craving adventure and thus being called world’s mystical challenge, not only does the Mountain offer Mountaineering but also supports an array of rare and endemic species of wild life , with its lashing glaciers , beautiful waterfalls , lakes and rivers .one can hike mountain Rwenzori via its famous trails which include  a day’s trail which will take you approximately  8 hours via the mahoma loop  , I day chimpanzee trail  and Kilembe while a hike to Magheritah will take you an 8 days journey called the central circuit.

Mountain Elgon

Located in the Eastern part of Uganda , Mountain Elgon is an extinct volcano standing at a height of 4321m  at the boarder of Uganda and Kenya , it was once Africa’s highest mountain but over the years it experienced erosion gradually reducing it to its current height making it the 8th in Africa and 4th min East Africa.

This mountain is unique as it holds the world’s largest caldera which measures to 50k by 80 km and believed to be over 24 million years old thus making it the oldest extinct volcano in East Africa , a hike or climb to mountain Elgon  is worth a try as you not only get  to reach its peak “Wagagai “ but also experience the lush vegetation and wildlife the mountain holds , the mountain also possess fascinating sites like caves like Kitum which a mineral site for salt  , water pools, warm springs by the Saum river   and beautiful scenery .  Mountain Elgon has two major trails that lead to its peak covering approximately 4 to 5 days, one is called Sasa trail that can be accessed via Mbale which passes through the lush bamboo forests, and Piswa is the second trail which is a bit easier than Sasa.

Mt Elgon consists of five major peaks which include

  • Wagagai at 4321 m which is entirely located in Uganda
  • Sudek at 4302 m on the border of Uganda and Kenya
  • Koitobos at 4222m entirely in Kenya
  • Mubiyi 4211 m  found entirely in Uganda
  • Masaba 4161 m  found in Uganda

Mountain Sabinyo

With its uniqueness in location mountain Sabinyo is a great feel of thrilling adventure situated on the borders of three countries marking as the intersection for Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo covering a height of 3669m, mountain Sabinyo is one of the most challenging adventure due to its rugged terrains that make it almost impassable for one but with an exciting feel of adventure at the top one can have a glance of Virunga ranges. The name Sabinyo means old man’s teeth as its three peaks from a distance look like teeth spaces.

Mountain Muhabura

Also known as Muhavura meaning “the guide “is an inactive volcano which starts the chains of Virunga ranges situated on the border of Uganda and Rwanda immerses itself at a height of 4127m making it the third highest of the eight major mountains . It’s located  in the Albertine rift valley, the summit takes approximately 5 hours.

This mountain has a small crater lake that can be navigated to access the views of Virunga mountain ranges and exceptional views of wildlife , this crater also gives a hint on when the mountain last erupted though dates of the eruption have not been documented .

Mountain Mgahinga

 Famously known for its golden monkeys and mountain gorillas , Mgahinga is a dormant volcano part of Virunga mountains found between the border of Uganda and Rwanda it lies  between Muhabura and Sabinyo , its name is derived from a Kinyarwanda word to mean a small pile of stones which is evident in the beauty this mountain holds.

It  has a swampy caldera at its peaking  having a height of over 3473 m above the sea level , it exhibits beautiful nature and  wildlife its vegetation can be termed as Afro – montane with bamboo thus creating a conducive environment for the endangered species of mountain Gorillas .

Mountain Moroto

Located in Northern East part of Uganda  having a height of 3083 m above the sea level , mountain Moroto was originally called” Moru To “which meant the western mountain, it was named during the migration season of tribes from Ethiopia to Uganda as to them it appeared from the West.

its adjacent to Moroto town in Karamoja region, the mountain is full of diversity of wildlife and nature from its arid thorn savanna to its dry montane forest, with over 220 bird species for birders enthusiasts, monkeys and famous wild cats. The mountain has in place it’s climbing trails and also guides to take you through the experience to St. Lawrence peak.