National parks

                                                TOP 5 MOST VISITED  NATIONAL PARKS OF UGANDA


This is the most popular most visited park in Uganda. This park was founded in 1952 formerly known as the  Kazinga National park. It was re identified two years later to commemorate the Queen’s visit , Queen Elizabeth in Uganda.

This park is an estimate  of 764sqmi the park includes an extension of Kazinga channel and the two lakes of Edward and George. The park is most famous for its climbing lions of Ishasha in Rukungiri district. And other big fives like the African Buffalo, The African elephant, Hippopotamus. It’s a home to over 95 mammals and over 500 species of birds.

Why visit Queen Elizabeth?

Enjoy the site of the famous tree climbing lions of Ishasha through either the morning or evening game drive

Enjoy its famous boat cruise across its natural water ways the Kazinga Channel .


This is Uganda’s biggest national park also known as “THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL WATER FALL” because the water from River Nile the longest river squeezes its self dramatically in an 8m gorge . This game park is located in the North West of Uganda covering over 3893km  This Park is also known to be the home of most  Crocodiles in Uganda. The park can be accessed through various routes such as the Southern Masindi gate this is the closest to Kampala and also offers one ability to track chimpanzee la in Budongo and also Rhinos at Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary. One can also use the Northern circuit  via Purungo or Takigate in Packwach via Karuma falls .

Why visit Murchison Falls?

  The park comprises of a variety of beautiful scenic view which is also a home to abundance of wildlife and the iconic birds like the shoe bill and the gray crowned crane.

The best game drives featuring a number of wildlife species

Hiking at the top of the falls


This park habituates half of the remaining population of the remaining mountain Gorillas. Bwindi forest derives its name from the existence of the extensive stands of bamboo amongst other tree species.  Bwindi is the flagship bearer of Uganda’s tourism sector. Mountain Gorillas are considered the most endangered species as they are over 1000 left where by Uganda holds half of their population by 400 in number. Most tourists ask whether it’s worth tracking in Bwindi and the answer is yes there is something unique about these Gorillas they are well habituated and are much used to human beings and they you can find them in their families in regions which include Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo there are over 14 habituated gorilla families with each family comprising of 10 to 40 which vary in ages headed by a great silver back.


This also called “The True African Wilderness” this the 3rd most beautiful game park in  Africa due to its Savannah grass lands visiting this park is worthy the journey as its located in the North East of Uganda 320km away from Kampala the major city this park is mainly known to have vast wildlife species hosting over 77 species of mammals mainly known for its Ostriches and cheetahs and 470 species  of birds this park is great also if you’re looking for a piece of indulging into cultural experience of the Karamojongs with their untapped culture, the Acholi and other famous tribes in Uganda. One can access Kidepo through two routes the grand circuit the west that connects through Gulu district and Wild North East via Mountain Moroto . How ever the western route offers the best experiences with stop overs at Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Murchison falls .


This the smallest park in Uganda , known as the whispers of the wild due to its diversity in wildlife .

it’s strategically located along the other great parks like Bwindi, Queen Etc.  This park acts as a stopover for various tourists who have had their tours. It is also known for harboring multiple Zebras it should be noted that Uganda is the only country where Zebras can be spotted in large numbers.

However ,one  can also visit the other parks which include ;


The park is also known as the” primate capital” having over 13 species of chimpanzees its main activity is tracking  one should note that tracking chimps in Kibale is more successful than other parks since that’s its flagship . Besides the chimpanzees the park offers a wide range of wildlife which include small antelopes , butterflies roaming , small monkeys and  an interesting birding experience at Bigodj. Swamp.

Kibale boosts with its beautiful views and sites that can be seen along the routes for instance crater lakes that lie in FortPortal , exquisite lodges and many more


This acts as the second home of mountain gorillas and trekking is more popular in this park where you can actually spot beautiful gorillas the silver back and the golden monkeys hence being called” where silver meets gold”.


This is also known as the “World’s Largest Caldera” this park is known for its diversity in nature with over 250 bird species this can be a great deal for bird watchers fun fact about , mountain Elgon is the 8th highest national park of in Africa and the largest caldera in the world.


This park is located in the Albertine region of Uganda it was created in 1925 the park is famous for a chain of active volcanoes and rich in various species of wild animals. Fun fact about Virunga is the oldest park in Uganda and in Africa primarily made to protect the Gorillas.


This park is special as it sits along the equator in the Albertine rift valley along the border of Uganda and DRC its nature is untapped giving it a great site for harboring wild life it’s famously known as the mountains of the moon with its unique alpine flora. The park is an essential place as it acts as source of necessities to the local communities.